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        Using plant genotype to investigate rhizosphere nutrient dynamics
        發布日期:2017-02-21 瀏覽次數: 字號:[ ]

        報告人:    Dr. Timothy S George(The James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK.)
        時    間:  2017年2月23日14:00-15:00
        地    點:  新綜合樓4-206會議室
        聯 系 人:  馮固 62733885
        Timothy S George is a principal investigator at the James Hutton Institute and has been in post for last 10 years. He has expertise in understanding how the external environment mitigates plant physiological and genetic responses to a lack of phosphorus. His specific expertise include rhizosphere biochemistry, rhizosphere chemistry and rhizosphere microbiology, root research, enzymology, P-nutrition of plants and impact and use of transgenics. Upon employment by the institute he was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellowship to study plant response to the combined stress of water and nutrient deficiency. Prior to this he was awarded a Marie Curie International Fellowship to study the impact of phosphatase enzymes on P availability. This fellowship was held at CSIRO Plant Industry in Australia. This fellowship followed on from a post-doctoral position in the same lab in Australia working on the transgenic expression of phytases in pasture plants. At present he has produced >60 peer reviewed publications and is a managing editor for two international journals (Plant and Soil, Plant Growth Regulation).

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